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Baseball Jersey - Union-Ready Unisex: Customizable and Comfortable

Original price $70.30 - Original price $75.30
Original price
$70.30 - $75.30
Current price $70.30

Gear up in solidarity with our Canadian-made Unisex Baseball Jersey, perfect for union team sports or casual wear. Crafted with Proflex material, it offers both comfort and durability.

  • Customizable Design: Personalize with a jersey number and a 3-colour logo, reflecting your union's identity or personal style.

  • Proflex Material for Active Wear: The Proflex fabric ensures flexibility and comfort, ideal for both sports activities and everyday wear.

  • Minimum Order for Team Unity: Available with a minimum order of 12, it's perfect for outfitting your union's sports team or group events.

This jersey isn't just apparel; it's a symbol of team spirit and union pride.

Size: XS
Color: Black
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