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Catalog & Booklet Envelopes: Union Printed

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Our selection of Catalog and Booklet Envelopes is designed to meet the diverse mailing needs of your union. Available in two practical styles, these envelopes are perfect for securely sending out important documents, newsletters, or event materials.

  • Open End Catalog Envelopes: These envelopes open on the short dimension, making them ideal for thicker, more substantial materials. Their sturdy design ensures that your contents are protected and delivered intact.

  • Open Side Booklet Envelopes: With an opening on the long dimension, these envelopes are perfect for easily inserting and removing documents. They're great for booklets, leaflets, and other longer items that require a bit more space.

  • Customization for Unique Needs: If you have specific size requirements, we're ready to accommodate. Our custom manufacturing service ensures that you get envelopes that perfectly fit your unique materials.

Choose our Catalog & Booklet Envelopes for your union's mailing needs, and experience the perfect blend of functionality, security, and customization.

Size: 6 x 9
Color: White
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