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Mini Protein Shaker Bottle: Your On-the-Go Fitness Companion

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Stay fueled and energized with our Mini Protein Shaker Bottle, the perfect solution for mixing your protein shakes wherever you are. Designed for active lifestyles, especially for union members who balance work, fitness, and daily responsibilities, this shaker bottle is a must-have fitness accessory.

  • Compact and Convenient: With a 400 ml capacity, it's ideally sized to hold the perfect amount of your favorite shake. The smaller dimensions of 3.75” diameter x 6.75” height make this bottle incredibly easy to store and transport, fitting comfortably in gym bags, backpacks, or even in your car's cup holder.

  • Efficient Mixing: The bottle includes a plastic shaker ball, ensuring that your protein powder mixes smoothly and quickly. No more lumps or uneven mixes – just a smooth, enjoyable drink every time.

  • Secure and Spill-Proof: The lid screws on securely, and the snap closure on top guarantees that your drink stays inside the bottle where it belongs. Whether you’re shaking up a drink or carrying it on the move, you can trust this bottle to keep your shake safe and contained.

Color: Black
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