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Custom Wall Calendar - Union Printed

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  1. January - New Year's Message & Union Goals: Start the year with a message from union leadership outlining goals and initiatives for the coming year.
  2. February - Black History Month: Highlight significant contributions of Black unionists and labor leaders. Feature events and stories that celebrate diversity and inclusion within the union.
  3. March - International Women's Day (March 8): Celebrate the achievements of women in the labor movement. Organize events or discussions on gender equality and women's rights in the workplace.
  4. April - International Workers' Memorial Day (April 28): Remember those who have lost their lives in workplace incidents. Hold memorials or awareness campaigns on workplace safety.
  5. May - International Workers' Day (May 1): Celebrate labor history and the achievements of the labor movement. Organize marches, rallies, or community events.
  6. June - Pride Month: Support the LGBTQ+ members of the union. Participate in Pride events and promote inclusivity and equality in the workplace.
  7. July - Summer Union Picnic: Foster community and solidarity with a family-friendly picnic or gathering.
  8. August - Labor Rights Education: Focus on educating members about their rights, with workshops or seminars.
  9. September - Labor Day Celebrations: Honor the contributions of workers with parades, picnics, and community events.
  10. October - National Disability Employment Awareness Month: Highlight the importance of inclusive policies for workers with disabilities.
  11. November - Remembrance Day/Veterans Day: Pay tribute to union members who have served in the military.
  12. December - Year-End Review & Holiday Message: Reflect on the year's achievements and challenges. Share a holiday message of unity and solidarity.
Each month can also feature historical labor movement milestones, profiles of notable union leaders, and tips for member engagement and personal development within the union.
Size: 10.88" W x 18" H
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